optiWAN Carrier Network Services are offered by Configure Inc.

Carrier Network Services

Configure partners with leading global networking companies like AT&T to offer networking solutions that meet a wide range of business requirements and price points. Whether your telecom network is fully managed or unmanaged, private or internet-based, Configure can design and implement a solution to deliver your desired business outcome. Some of our brokered network services include:

“Includes 10Mbps Internet, 23 Voice channels”

Configure offers a variety of Business Bundles (converged voice and data) from carriers such as AT&T and others to meet any business requirement and price point. The bundled offerings below feature Ethernet-based Internet connectivity up to 100Mbps and Managed Router.

Fiber Broadband Bundle (FBB) for single-site businesses by AT&T

SIP Trunking service delivering integrated access for PBX and Key systems

SIP (IP) Handoff to certified IP PBX’s or SIP to the AT&T Managed Router, PRI Handoff to the PBX

Voice over IP with unlimited local and on-net calling and competitive long distance plans

Class of Service optimizes voice and data application performance

Industry leading call compression capabilities

Network QoS monitoring and management

VPN Bundle for multi-site businesses by AT&T

Voice over IP, data and Network Security with Internet access

Scalable, flexible solution for access, voice and Network Security

One access line brings together multiple sites, regardless of geographic location

Voice over IP calling options in increments up to forty-six concurrent calls

Increase productivity, optimize networking costs, and connect multiple locations using Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) wide area networking. Also referred to as a virtual private network (VPN), MPLS enables secure, “any-to-any” connectivity, which is a crucial building block to any unified communications deployment. Read more about AT&T’s MPLS VPN solutions here.

All our partners’ MPLS options offer service level agreements (SLAs) and Quality of Service (QoS). SLAs may include end-to-end circuit availability, latency, data-packet delivery, mean opinion score (audio quality and voice call clarity), and time to repair. With QoS, businesses can prioritize real-time traffic – voice or video – ahead of lower priority traffic across the network.


Another important capability offered by some of our telecom partners’ networks is dynamic bandwidth and dynamic QoS. Where available, using the carrier’s portal, an enterprise can increase or decrease capacity and prioritization queues to be more agile in response to business requirements.

Configure provides Ethernet access in bandwidths from 1 Mbps – 10 Gbps in various increments, delivering the agility to meet fluctuating data transmission requirements. It is available globally for both private and public IP services.


The service delivery interval for high speed, Ethernet connectivity can be lengthy and costly if construction is required. Let Configure help determine which carriers have already built fiber into your location or are nearby. Then we can help negotiate the best price including build cost amortization and time to install.

Whether as a primary or back-up access option, the time has come to consider reliable wireless connectivity as the access means to your business MPLS network.


Bandwidths – up and down – are already multiples of T1 speed, and pooled data plans are making the economics increasingly compelling. With QoS (Quality of Service) on the horizon, wireless solutions will soon be suitable for a converged design. Today, wireless (machine-to-machine) connectivity is being adopted by enterprises for voice (inbound and outbound) and data fail-over. This has proven to be a particularly effective solution for branch locations where concurrent call path requirements under business continuity are 5 or less.

optiWAN Carrier Network Services are offered by Configure Inc.