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IP Telephony

Managing your Contact Center infrastructure can be an expensive and consuming endeavor.  Often, valuable business resources are expended to the point that leveraging your Contact Center to evolve your business and enhance the Customer Experience becomes impossible.  Configure Inc. is an ideal partner to manage your Contact Center and IPT Infrastructure allowing you to focus on key business initiatives.

In the new Experience Economy, customer experience will determine what companies thrive and those that won’t. Contact Centers and Omni-channel communications are the single most important investment your company will make in enhancing the Customer Experience.  Configure offers contact center and IPT infrastructure managed solutions to achieve cost savings and allow you to focus your team on growing your business and not the day-to-day management of call center infrastructure.

With our standards based OptiNoc, we can flawlessly manage all aspects of your Contact Center and IP Telephony Infrastructure from reactive to full proactive monitoring and action before issues affect operations like real time MOS monitoring and remediation.  With our in-house Tier 1, 2 and 3 engineers, custom scripting and 3rd party integration capabilities and our Full Test and Proof of Concept Lab, we provide unrivaled uptime and capabilities.

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