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The Information We Gather & Its Use For visitors to the Configure, Inc. website we gather non-personally identifying information such as IP address, time of visit, click-sequence, and technical information about your browser. Non-personally identifying Information that we collect about the browsing habits of our visitors is used to optimize the design of our website by understanding what content our clients are interested in. We can then streamline the website to make it more user friendly – and even more informative – for our visitors.

Personal information such as your name, personal postal and email address or personal phone number is collected only when you voluntarily provide it. Such information is received when you send an email through the site or make some type of specific contact, such as completing an online form registering for additional information (such as a white paper or online demo).

Cookies & Web Beacons The Configure, Inc. website uses cookies for security and authentication purposes. This information is used solely to maintain your computer’s session to our server. This information is not shared or sold to third party organizations for any purpose.

When you visit Configure, Inc.’s web site a cookie, or a small file of characters, is sent to your computer or other device that identifies your browser. All web browsers offer the option to refuse any cookie. If a consumer refuses the Configure, Inc. cookie, we cannot collect any information on that consumer and certain features of our website will not work (requiring a consumer to re-enter information at each visit).

Configure, Inc. also employs web beacons, which are anonymous objects embedded in a web site enabling the owner of the site to track who has read the site or what portion of the site was read. We use web beacons in conjunction with cookies in order to improve the quality of our web site and the web sites of our clients.

Neither cookies nor web beacons contain any personal identifiable information, but they do facilitate the general functionality of Configure, Inc.’s online reporting tool.

Site Activity & Your Data Each time a visitor comes to our site, our web server collects and logs certain information. These access logs are kept for a reasonable period of time. These logs include, but are not restricted to, your computer’s TCP/IP address, your username, date, time and the files you have chosen to access. These logs also contain data about referrer information if you clicked on an external link to a Configure, Inc. web page. These logs are used for performance, site administration and security reviews. They are not sold or shared in any way to third party organizations.

For non-clients and clients alike, we regularly track the results of our email campaigns and site activity by monitoring email metrics such as open, click-thru, and no response rates. We also collect email addresses and contact information via our website. If you have volunteered your email address to us or we have acquired it via a third party, we may be able to identify your session on our website by your email address.

We use the results of our email monitoring to qualify prospective clients by identifying who is interested in each aspect of our site and what we offer. Visitors who read our email more frequently, or visit our site often and view information about our products, are much more likely to be contacted than those who do not.


Access to Your Data

If your personally identifiable information changes, or if you wish that your personally identifiable information no longer be used by Configure, Inc., you may correct, update or delete your personally identifiable information by sending an email to