optiNOC Telecom Expense Management is offered by Configure Inc.

Telecom Expense Management

Configure has purpose developed a wireless-wireline-TEMaaS (Telecom Expense Management-as-a-Service solution) for enterprises of all sizes. This solution was developed from the outset as a wireless and wireline telecom application, not just adapted from a non-telecom application construction.


We offer you TEM (Telecom Expense Management) as a cloud-based solution in a utility or op-ex model. There is no software to purchase up-front or maintain. Your data is secure and accessible from any internet connection – anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Configure’s Telecom Expense Reduction and Analysis (TERA) Solution


Subscribers to Configure’s TERA, our aptly branded TEMaaS solution, typically see a 15% reduction in telecom expense. This reduction normally comes from software-identified overcharges, nearly impossible to catch through cursory, manual review processes. Clients who have neglected their network inventory may find as much as a 30% savings through the implementation of TERA.


Configure offers a Telecom Expense Reduction and Analysis (TERA) solution for wireless devices. Our cloud-based TEM solution gives you 24/7 visibility into your wireless assets, with reports and analytics to make the data actionable. This solution is most useful in a corporate-liable device (CRU/CLU) environment in which wireless devices and records are your financial responsibility.

TEM Analytics

With Configure’s TERA Wireless analytics, you can recognize and track best- and worst-practice users and detect high data usage. Enterprise data and the need to access it anywhere, anytime from any device is growing at unprecedented rates. With TERA analytics, those in a position of governance will have easy access to information that will both help ensure plan optimization for legitimate business purposes; as well as police the unauthorized use of a corporate device for personal use (e.g., streaming sports broadcast, music, etc.). In addition, TERA Wireless analytics identifies user and plan anomalies, such as text or SMS charges incurred without a plan or with an inappropriate plan.

M2M Communication

TERA can be utilized for analyzing machine-to-machine connections within your enterprise. With M2M connection growth skyrocketing, it is becoming increasingly important to have a mechanism in place to ensure that the appropriate telemetry, pooled or other plans are continuously inspected and tuned accordingly.


Configure’s Telecom Expense Reduction and Analysis (TERA) is a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Solution as a Service (TEMaaS) offered as a stand-alone solution for wireline networks or in combination with wireless. With TERA, you can dramatically reduce telecommunications expense by managing spend and measuring usage.

Dashboard Control

TERA provides an easy-to-manage dashboard that can be customized to your business priorities. The dashboard provides a single point to review for all inventory and telecom costs across the company.

Exception Reporting

Generate reports to highlight areas of concern. TERA gives you the ability to review invoices and approve for payment or flag certain events, such as premium rate calls (e.g., 976, 900), one-time charges, variances exceeding a certain percentage threshold, etc. – all of which may be defined up-front and easily modified throughout the TEMaaS lifecycle

Data Analysis

Sort bills according to location, cost center, date range, use or cost and create reports that suit your business needs. As a result, you can see who is using what and determine whether new services need to be added or old ones discontinued.

TERA Differentiator

With over $500M under management and audit, Configure has built a reputation in the space as the more agile TEM solution provider. We typically stand up a solution in weeks, not months. Our secure, SaaS-based model is extremely flexible and adaptable to client requirements. Our portal is user-friendly and user-customizable. And our support team and programmers are accessible to help achieve the desired business outcome without hassles or delay.

Configure’s Telecom Expense Reduction and Analysis (TERA) allows you to identify and flag inappropriate charges to fight your own carrier battles. Or, Configure can provide you with varying levels of dispute resolution management support as an optional extended service. When you opt in to Configure’s dispute management service, we can help you:

✓ Track a dispute from inception to resolution.

✓ Review all telecommunications services, carriers, rates, and contracts for all locations

✓ Provide a complete inventory verification and analysis of services

✓ Audit telecom related taxes, fees, and surcharges

✓ Provide cost recovery services for revenues billed incorrectly

✓ Negotiate with current service providers to reduce costs

✓ Provide recommendations/service options to reduce monthly telecommunications costs (with current and alternative service providers)

✓ Order and project manage approved changes

✓ Produce monthly reports detailing cost savings and progress reports on active projects

Configure also offers a standalone third party telecom audit service to help you verify whether your current TEM solution is delivering the business value you are paying for. Depending on circumstances, this can be done on a contingency basis or contingency with fee minimum.

Configure’s Telecom Expense Reduction and Analysis (TERA) solution is available as an additional, opt-in service. TERA can create a billing hierarchy that matches your organization to give you a better understanding of usage, perform best-in-class analytics or cost center allocation.

Beyond the readily available TERA solutions, you can opt in to receive customized remittance payment processing as well as a full range of outsourced services designed to achieve outstanding results in remittance management without expanding or overburdening your existing staff. The level of remittance management service that you receive depends on your needs. Configure can send electronic files of approved invoices ready to be paid. We can interface with your ERP financial module. Or, we can completely take over the remittance management function and manage your invoice payments from start to finish.

Telecom Expense Management is provided as a service by Configure Inc.