What our clients think

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I just spoke with Abhey Dadwal and Rodrigo Minguez with Bell Canada. I let them know my experience with Configure Inc has been great!! We discussed what sold me on SD-WAN, implementation, my interactions with Configure Inc. It’s all been a great experience on my end.
Bob Sorrells

The people at Configure Inc.—including Megan Ginise and her entire support team—have been a pleasure to work with. We can count on them both for timely and accurate pre-sales information and for prompt and thorough follow-up implementation support, even willing to diagnose issues beyond their own equipment to help our customers become fully operational. We highly recommend them as a reliable and knowledgeable resource.
Michael J. Lamb, MSEE

Megan, whomever Vivian reports to needs to be told she is a Rock Star.
We did successfully implement our HA SDWAN device in our DFW datacenter this past weekend and she (and Tim Barcus) were online with us from 7pm Saturday – 5pm Sunday.

She then was back on a bridge with us this morning at 7am – 2p working through the remaining residual issues we had from the implementation.

It is without question that we had a successful implantation that was in large part due to her efforts.

I have zero complaints with the Configure Inc. side of the project. You guys have been absolutely wonderful to work with. I really appreciate all the time and work you put into keeping everyone in the same communication threads and assisting with scheduling. I also really appreciate the dedication in following up with issues and your timely responses to all of our questions and problems.

Also, Muhammad was spectacular to work with. He was always very clear with his directions, his communications to us were always very direct and to the point, and he seemed very comfortable in his role. This helped give us confidence that he knew what he was doing. That’s a huge deal in my book.