Managed Network Services

Configure’s premier Network Operations Center (NOC), branded optiNOC™, provides around-the-clock monitoring and surveillance of enterprise networks. In an ideal world, your network elements enjoy 100% uptime. But in the real world, enterprises expect – and, in most cases, demand – the next best thing: Optimum network availability. And that is precisely what optiNOC enables. We also have full NOC redundancy between our multiple US based NOC locations with full offsite emergency operations capabilities in the event of disasters or pandemics that require shelter-in-place so we can continue to support our customers no matter what unforeseen situations arise.

Our NOC uses a mix of COTS software along with custom developed toolsets to provide the most effective monitoring and alerting for all platforms we manage. Using all standards based tools and development, we can support integration with any platform for API level monitoring, automated deployment and MACD implementation. In addition, we support full eBonding with our customers for automated workflows and ticket management.

optiNOC comes in three services tiers:




The table below provides a feature comparison of optiNOC’s
three service tiers.